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Landslide Chords, Strumming & Picking, Fleetwood Mac

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Did You Know? Stevie Nicks wrote Landslide in Aspen Colorado which looking at the mountains. Her duo Buckingham Nicks had just been dropped by their record label and she was not sure whether to part with Buckingham or not. 

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I Understand Chords And Strumming, Freddie And The Dreamers

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Did You Know? I understand was originally written by Patt Best of The Four Tunes. 

Because the chord structure of the verse is similar to Auld Lang Syne Freddie and the Dreamers decided to sing the melody to this under the main vocal. 

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Wild Horses Chords And Strumming, The Rolling Stones

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Did You Know? The original Stones keyboard player Ian Steward was present at the recording session but refused to play on the song as he didn't like playing minor chords!

Mick Taylor uses 'Nashville tuning' on his guitar with the 4 thickest strings E, A, D & G replaces with thinner strings and tuned 1 Octave higher. 

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Lady In Black Chords And Strumming, Uriah Heep

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Did You Know? Lady In Black was considered a Metal-Folk song by Uriah Heep. 

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Mrs. Robinson Chords And Strumming, Simon And Garfunkel

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Did You Know? Mrs. Robinson was written specifically for the film The Graduate. It started life as two separate musical ideas that they joined together to form the verses and choruses.

The lines about Joe DiMaggio randomly came into Paul Simon's mind as a stream of consciousness and he liked them and decided to keep them. 

It was Simon and Garfunkel's second number 1. 

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California Blue Chords And Strumming, Roy Orbison

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Did You Know? California Blue was written by Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. It was recorded in Jeff's garage. 

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Dance Me To The End Of Love Chords And Strumming, Leonard Cohen

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Did You Know? 

Although the song very quickly became a love song, the very initial inspiration for the song was when Leonard Cohen learned that in some of the Nazi death camps a quartet would play classical music. 

It's loosely based on the rhythm and structure of Greek Hasapiko dance music, Leonard Cohen lived for a time on the Greek island of Hydra. 

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Nights In White Satin Chords And Strumming, The Moody Blues

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Did You Know? Justin Hayward wrote Nights In White Satin at 19 years old while touring in Belgium. he named the song after his girlfriend gave him a gift of satin bedsheets. 

Justin Hayward said - 'It was just another song I was writing and I thought it was very powerful. It was a very personal song and every note, every word in it means something to me and I found that a lot of other people have felt that very same way about it'

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A Rainy Night In Soho Chords And Strumming, The Pogues

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Did You Know? A Rainy Night In Soho was written by Shane MacGowan and originally recorded on their 1986EP Poguetry In Motion. 

It's considered by many to be one of Shane MacGowan's finest songs and was shortlisted as one of Ireland's 10 most favourite folk songs. 

The band originally recorded two versions, one featuring a cornet and one featuring an oboe. Pogues singer Shane MacGowan preferred the cornet version while producer Elvis Costello preferred the oboe versions. Ultimately the version used on the Ep was the cornet version. 

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Missing Chords And Strumming, Everything But The Girl

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Did You Know? Missing was originally release by the band in 1994 and saw moderate success. The band then gave the song to Todd Terry to remix in a dance style where it became a worldwide hit.  

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