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The Open Chord Expansion System (Resources)

Complete your repertoire of open chords and learn to change between them all quickly and smoothly

The Django Chord System

A simple step-by-step system for getting alignment with the guitar, warming up, mastering the Django…

The Essential Strumming System

The Step-By-Step Path To: Playing Your Core 5 Song Rhythms, Strumming Fluidly Without Interruption And…

The Django Chord System (previous version – 3.0)

A simple step-by-step system for mastering the 6 'Effortless' Django chords, fretting them clearly, changing…

The Open Chord Anchor System

Learn to fret clear open chords and change between them quickly and smoothly

The Syncopated Strumming System

The simple, step-by-step guide to strumming offbeat & syncopated rhythms on guitar and playing songs…

The Essential Guitar Tuning Course

3 Step By Step Methods To Tune Your Guitar Now Whatever Your Current Knowledge &…

The Guitar Learning Style System

The Ultimate Guide To Unlocking Your Guitar Learning Style… Leverage Your Natural Learning Preferences To…

Song Lessons Archive

Your archive of The Process - Live: Weekly in-depth song lessons. In each lesson you'll…

We-Guitar Workshops

We-Guitar Workshops

We-Guitar Collaboration Calls

Your Archive of We-Guitar Collab Calls

Mentorship Class Archive

Your Archive of The Process - Mentorship Calls

Song Lesson Archive 2018

Your archive of The Process - Live: Weekly in-depth song lessons from 2018. In each…