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Far From Me Chords And Strumming, John Prine

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Did You Know? Far From Me is from John Prine's first album and is his favorite song that he has written.

The lyric a broken bottle looks just like a diamond ring  is in reference to his childhood. 'We were raised close to a junkyard and one of my favorite pastimes was playing in the junkyard breaking bottles. The kids always commented that the fragments of glass looked just like a field of diamonds. The majority of my songs are written from life experiences and a lot of times there is not any symbolism but just words that take me to another place and time.'

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99 Red Balloons Chords & Strumming Nena

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Closer To Fine Chords And Strumming, Indigo Girls

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Did You Know? Closer To Fine has a a recent resurgence due to being featured three times on the sound track to the film Barbie. 

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love Chords & Strumming Queen

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Landslide Chords, Strumming & Picking, Fleetwood Mac

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Did You Know? Stevie Nicks wrote Landslide in Aspen Colorado which looking at the mountains. Her duo Buckingham Nicks had just been dropped by their record label and she was not sure whether to part with Buckingham or not. 

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I Understand Chords And Strumming, Freddie And The Dreamers

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Did You Know? I understand was originally written by Patt Best of The Four Tunes. 

Because the chord structure of the verse is similar to Auld Lang Syne Freddie and the Dreamers decided to sing the melody to this under the main vocal. 

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Wild Horses Chords And Strumming, The Rolling Stones

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Did You Know? The original Stones keyboard player Ian Steward was present at the recording session but refused to play on the song as he didn't like playing minor chords!

Mick Taylor uses 'Nashville tuning' on his guitar with the 4 thickest strings E, A, D & G replaces with thinner strings and tuned 1 Octave higher. 

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