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You can't always get what you want chords

You Can’t Always Get What You Want Chords – The Rolling Stones

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Did You Know? Although Stone drummer Charlie Watts was rated by Rolling Stone magazine as the 12th greatest drummer of all time. He wasn't able to play the grove of this song, so the bands producer Jimmy Miller stepped in to play them for this song.

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That'll Be The Day Chords Pic

That’ll Be The Day Chords – Buddy Holly

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Did You Know? That'll Be The Day was written after Buddy Holly watched The Searchers a western in which John Wayne repeatedly says the phrase 'That'll Be The Day'.

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Zombie Chords by The Cranberries Guitar

Zombie Chords – The Cranberries

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Did You Know? Zombie was written about the IRA terrorist bombing in Warrington, England in 1993 that killed two children. To encourage peace and for the IRA to stop. For many people it become the sound track to an era of real change in Ireland and a few weeks after the release of the song the IRA declared a ceasefire.

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Somebody To Love Chords Photo

Somebody To Love Chords – Jefferson Airplane

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Did You Know? Somebody To Love was written by Darby Slick brother of Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick who was never in the band... it was originally called 'Mind Full Of Bread!'

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Buffalo Springfield Chords Pic

For What It’s Worth Chords – Buffalo Springfield

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Did You Know? For What It's Worth was named by accident. Stephen Stills took the song to the band's record label executive and said 'I have this songs here, for what it's worth, if you want it'. And the executive recorded the song as being called For What It's Worth.

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Twist And Shout Chords Live

Twist And Shout Chords – The Beatles

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Did You Know? Twist And Shout was recorded in only one take. They did try to record a second take but John Lennon put so much into his vocal performance on the first one that his voice had completely gone.

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Louis Louis Chords – The Kingsmen

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Did You Know? The singing was recorded so low that nobody really knows exactly what the words are. They are so unclear that the FBI launched an investigation after a father reported them to be obscene. 

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Bad moon rising chords live

Bad Moon Rising Chords and Strumming (CCR)

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Bad Moon Rising Info

From The Album: Green River 

Did You Know? John Fogherty wrote this song about the apocalypse and often changes the line  'There's a bad moon on the rise' to 'There's a bathroom on the right'!

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Tom Petty Free Fallin Chords Played Live

Tom Petty, Free Fallin Chords

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Free Fallin Info

From The Album: Full Moon Fever 

Did You Know? Tom Petty wrote Free Fallin' while recording his first solo album. The first verse began in the studio as a joke by Tom Petty to make producer Jeff Lynne Laugh!

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12 Bar Blues in E

Song Info

Songs Using The 12 Bar Sequence: Before You Accuse Me, Sweet Home Chicago, Heart Break Hotel

Key: E

Did You Know? This form of the 12 Bar Blues was codified and standardised by W.C. Handy in his songs 'Yellow Dog Blues,' 'Beale Street Blues' & 'St. Louis Blues'

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