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Queens Of The Stone Age Go With The Flow Chords

Queens Of The Stone Age, Go With The Flow Chords

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Did You Know? Queens Of The Stone Age were named in order to avoid being macho. Singer/guitarist Josh Homme said 'Kings would be too macho...The kings of the stone age wore armour and had axes and would wrestle. Queens of the stone age hang out with the queens of the stone age's girlfriends while they wrestle'

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Elvis Don't Be Cruel Chords

Elvis Presley, Don’t Be Cruel Chords

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Did You Know? On Elvis' insistence the band recorded this song 28 times before they captured the take he was happy with

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My rifle, my pony and me chords

Dean Martin, My Rifle My Pony And Me Chords

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Did You Know? Dean Martin sings this song with Ricky Nelson in the John Wayne western Rio Bravo.

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Tom Waits Downtown Train Chords

Tom Waits, Downtown Train Chords

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Did You Know? Even though Tom Waits wrote this song. It was more successful chart wise when covered by Rod Steward

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David Bowie Heroes Chords

David Bowie, Heroes Chords

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Did You Know? Bowie's performance of Heroes in Berlin 1987 was considered a catalyst to the eventual fall of the Berlin wall.  After his death in 2016 the German government thanked him for 'helping to bring down the wall' and adding 'you are now among heroes'.

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Nirvana Something In The Way Chords

Nirvana, Something In The Way Chords

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Did You Know? Kurt Cobain wrote this song about the experience of being homeless

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12 Bar Blues in A

Did You Know? This form of the 12 Bar Blues was codified and standardised by W.C. Handy in his songs 'Yellow Dog Blues,' 'Beale Street Blues' & 'St. Louis Blues'

Songs Using The 12 Bar Sequence: Before You Accuse Me, Sweet Home Chicago, Heart Break Hotel

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The Beatles Eleanor Rigby Chords

The Beatles, Eleanor Rigby Chords

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Did You Know? When Paul McCartney wrote this song he first started out with the name Miss Daisy Hawkins instead of Eleanor Rigby

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Bruce Springsteen Nebraska Chords

Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska Chords

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Did You Know? Springsteen wrote this song about 2 teenagers murderers who killed 11 people over 8 days in the states of Nebraska and Wyoming in 1958

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Tom Petty, You And I Will Meet Again Chords

Tom Petty, You And I Will Meet Again Chords

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Did You Know? For The Cassette version of the album this is from 'Into The Great Wide Open' Tom Petty recorded a humorous spoken section instructing listeners how to correctly turn the tape over to play side 2. 

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